Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Freebies, Frugality, Fervor And Other Miscellany

I love deals just as much as the next person, I love frugality and I totally love a freebie. In Matthew 10:8 Jesus tells us "Freely you have received, freely give".

This is so true to us frugalistas above and beyond the spiritual aspect. Many times I have walked out of CVS with piles of free stuff and almost daily I have the joy of opening my mailbox devoid of bills and collections and full of goodies. God promises me my daily bread and so far he has given me far beyond that. In a planet where billions suffer from famine and survive with under $.2.00 per day I make it a personal challenge to eat from my pantry. That ladies; is food security at it's best.

Last week we were encouraged and challenged by many of our fellow bloggers to give. This week as I continue to receive first hand accounts of the challenges in Haiti and the impact it has had around the world I want to ask you to join me in giving freely one of the most challenging gifts. The gift of intentional prayer and fasting. Overwhelmed by our busy days we pray for abstracts pleading God for His mercy during this crisis. We can pray for more than abstracts. As the storm calms and the dust settles new issues arise.

This list includes specific items to include in your prayers:

Pray for fuel and fuel resources to become available. Lack of fuel is slowing food distribution.

Pray for Mr. Ban Kee Moon to be filled with a spirit of wisdom and compassion as he leads UN decision that will impact Haiti long term.

Pray for food. As of yesterday the World Food Program had only reached 97,000 people. Port au Prince is home to over one million.

Pray for generators and portable AC units to work at field hospitals and triage facilities.

Pray for the hand of the Lord to reduce plagues and vermin such as flies which are common when you have rotting corpses.

Pray for precious water

Pray for Dominican Republic. There is historic animosity which is now exacerbated by the crisis.

Pray for the preservation of limbs and the reduction of gangrene.

Pray for missionaries, doctors and soldiers

Pray for operation Pierre Pan

Pray for availability of pain killers

Pray for the Lord to intervene as sterilization supplies are limited and doctors are resorting to Vodka and other sprits.

Pray for emotional healing

Pray for our home churches to become the hands of Jesus in terms of long term provision

As you are praying for Haiti, please don't forget to also pray for Burma. Last year they lost over 134,000 people due to a hurricane. This year they have a plague or rats that is causing for severe famine.

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