Sunday, January 17, 2010

Eat From The Pantry Menu Week Three

My pantry is a Cornucopia connected to an infinite supply of random food items. What is a girl to do with 11 varieties of instant mashed potatoes, Adolphus rice galore and more apple sauce than Washington State?

My husband agrees to frugality insofar as we can eat variety. His definition of variety is far more complex than mine. For example: no pasta two days in a row, no food from the same ethnic origin two dinners in a row (With the exception of salsa verde and chicharrones which he could eat daily until the day of his death).

This week I will be sharing one recipe each day based on pantry and freezer items and complemented with fresh produce and fruit.

Oatmeal, Granola, Cold Cereal, Eggs & Ham, Fruit, breads & Juices

Leftovers from prior dinners plus fruit and snacks to include chocolate, chips and nuts

Monday Mixtas (Hispanic style hot dogs)
Tuesday Chicken Pot Pie (Like Marie Callenders)
Wednesday Baked Ziti
Thursday Asian Pork Sirloin
Friday Tuna Salad


  1. My husband hasn't even realized that we are eating from the pantry! I'm not sure if that says more about him or the size of our pantry. LOL!

    Looks like a great week ahead!

  2. You are lucky! Mine has the memory of an elephant when it comes to food rotation.

    Thankfully in about 6 days we are leaving to Ecuador and he can have all the ethnic and market food he wishes.