Monday, September 21, 2009

Our Blessings

This week the sales and deals are a bit low. This coincides with marketing strategies which keep the best deals aligned with the timing in which most people receive paychecks. This coming weekend we will be traveling to the Desiring God Conference in Minneapolis. We are proud of our costs so far. Separate from the conference fees we were able to get super saver fares with American for $69 each way. For our hotel we selected Hotwire and snagged a deal for $61 per night at the Hilton. I will be shopping for car rental probably also using Hotwire.

I invite you to celebrate your blessings and contemplate upon the goodness of The King as you consider the following statistics:

  • 80% of the world population lives under poverty levels making less than $10 per day per family.
  • 34% of the world population has indoor plumbing and access to running water.
  • 77% of the world population does not know Christ as their Lord & Savior
  • 25,000 children die daily of malnutrition
How good is our King and Savior. His provision towards us so great. His mercy so amazing.

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